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Angles Lyrics – Wale,Chris Brown

Angles Lyrics – Wale,Chris Brown

Angles Lyrics – Wale,Chris Brown is a new English Song by Wale‘s Collabaration with Chris Brown.Angles song is sung by Wale with Chris Brown,Check out Angles Song Lyrics by Wale feat. Chris Brown.

Angles Song Lyrics

See the way you showing out
But I can’t tame you (tame)
I can’t blame you (yea)
You know the way to pose

you know
You know
Your angles
I can’t tame you ( I can’t tame you)
I can’t
I can’t change you

[Versus 1]
Internationally known on this microphone
Holyfield Ross crib we at Tyson’s though
Lonely night I’m iight I can vibe alone
So don’t be tried if I’m quiet no inquiring doh
I know your angles!

Wave at them bitches show your Bracelet
Cartier stacking for days look like thanos,
You saying the universe ain’t grateful
I put infinity stones on all your fingers

Generous when I got
Feelings for who I got
Feelings for when I’m not
Feeling you girl I’m not!

Dealing with whatever feelings I feel that you fear a lot
Cuz I be in my feelings I’m giving you what I got
Maybe I’m on your page
Maybe I got your heart
Maybe I can’t love you cuz I don’t know where to start
Ain’t chasing your potential
Potential ain’t enough
I guess I am what I am but you are who you was wassup

Okay this energy giving me sec symbol
Pose for me I think I’m the best with you
Pose for me more I think your the beat for me
Not post when I’m done and credit you ex nigga (hey)
You petty you flex different

You know I be the plug the one that connect with you
Now go up in these stores and tell em who mess with you
You know take you home but now you a dress different

I tripping we clicking
I tripping you sipping

Reposado could sit where I Say my sentences
I be with Hood, Chris and em or the slime
It’s young Florian I been poppin back when poppin came out
I be like shorty shorty

Put that shit on and take a pic I bet you catch a body
650 I pull up they gonna 180 to us
They gonna be hating on us
But you be straight then I be straight and ain’t no angle to it
Let’s do it (oh)
Ay Chris!

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