You are currently viewing Are James and Margaret Dutton leaving 1883? Will Tim McGraw and Faith Hill be in season 2?

Are James and Margaret Dutton leaving 1883? Will Tim McGraw and Faith Hill be in season 2?

Are James and Margaret Dutton leaving 1883? Will Tim McGraw and Faith Hill be in season 2?

“1883” is the origin story of the Dutton family’s ancestral Yellowstone ranch. The Western drama follows James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and his wife, Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill), as they embark on a quest to find a safe home for their family. The couple join a caravan of immigrants led by Shea Brennan and face many challenges along the way. Despite the odds, the Duttons never give up on their dreams, and James and Margaret stand by each other like pillars. With the first season delivering a satisfying conclusion, viewers must be curious if James and Margaret will return for the second season. Here’s everything you need to know about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s future on the show! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What happens to James and Margaret Dutton?

James and Margaret are the first generation of Dutton ranchers to settle in Montana, and “1883” serves as the backstory as they arrive at the place that would become their family’s home for generations to come. James and Margaret set off from Fort Worth, Texas with their children, Elsa and John Dutton, in search of a new home. They plan to settle in Oregon, but various obstacles stand in their way to the promised land.

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In the first-season finale, James and Margaret come to terms with their daughter, Elsa, not having much longer to live. Margaret doesn’t want her daughter to become just another nameless grave on the Oregon Trail. Therefore, James promises to find a place to bury Elsa which will also become the family home. In the end, James reaches Paradise Valley in Montana, where Elsa breathes her last. However, the first season ends without revealing much about what happened to James and Margaret after Elsa’s death. The husband-wife pair appear in flashback scenes from “Yellowstone” Season 4. In these scenes, which take place a decade after the family’s arrival in Montana, we get a glimpse of the family’s log cabin and the ranch in Yellowstone.

Will Tim McGraw and Faith Hill be in season 2?

In ‘1883’, real husband and wife Tim McGraw and Faith Hill try out for the roles of James and Margaret Dutton. The duo’s enchanting chemistry is a highlight of the show’s first season, and both deliver powerful performances. The ‘1883’ season 1 ending certainly leaves the door open for James and Margaret’s story to continue unfolding before our eyes. As James arrives in Paradise Valley at the end of the season, he is forced to leave Margaret and John behind.

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Paramount+, the show’s original network, has already ordered more episodes. Therefore, the second season could pick up right after the first and focus on the Duttons’ Montana debut. Also, we have yet to see the Duttons lay the foundation for the Yellowstone Ranch. McGraw and Hill are series regulars, and their characters are the first generation of Duttons. Therefore, fans have great affection for them. With the deaths of Elsa and Shea, James and Margaret are now the most prominent characters after the first season. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine ‘1883’ continuing without McGraw and Hill’s involvement.

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