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Do Ejnar and Naja end up together?

Do Ejnar and Naja end up together?

Directed by Peter Flinth, the historical survival film “Against the Ice” is a thrilling chronicle of a discovery. Based on the book “Two Against the Ice” by Ejnar Mikkelsen, the story revolves around explorer and captain Ejnar Mikkelsen in the most pivotal discovery of his life. It defies all predictions. Teamed up with novice mechanic Iver Iversen, he works to find the lost Mylius-Erichsen recordings. The snowy backdrop draws the audience in, while adequate light enhances the period vibe. Now, you might want to revisit the story finale in more detail. If the last moments torment you, let us decipher the end of the trip. FRONT SPOILERS.

Plot Synopsis Against Ice

Ejnar Mikkelsen and his crew are stuck in a sticky situation in the middle of an expedition. His ship, the Alabama, lies motionless in a pile of ice off Shannon Island, part of Greenland. The Danish explorer’s objective is to find the cairn left by Mylius-Erichsen, a former Danish traveler whose expedition ended in tragedy. They succeeded in their discovery but were unable to return to civilization. Ejnar Mikkelsen only found the body of the Greenlander Bronlund as well as a newspaper and a map in his pocket. The other two bodies were buried in the pile of snow.

In the present, Mikkelsen’s longtime explorer partner Jorgensen is okay with a leg injury. Therefore, Mikkelsen was another of the guys to go with him. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but no one is adventurous enough to map the murderous terrain of northern Greenland except for Iver Iversen, the newest member of the group. He joined the crew as an engineer, but he also claims to be a sharpshooter and a fairly good dog handler. In addition, he is also the only one who volunteers to go on an adventure.

Jorgensen reminds Mikkelsen of Naja, but Mikkelsen is keen to regain Mylius-Erichsen’s lost records. In March 1910, after a brief photo op, Ejnar Mikkelsen and Iver Iverson embark on a sprawling 200-mile journey through an icy landscape laden with glaciers. Iver loses his favorite dog, Bjorn, as they lose a sled. The supplies are nearing their end, and Iver thinks about giving up, but they eventually locate the cairn. However, with polar bears and unexpected frenzies, the way back is much more dangerous.

Against the Ice End: Do Ejnar and Iver recover the lost discs?

Mikkelsen and Iversen recover the archives from the cairn. Mylius-Erichsen left a letter for the necessary, pointing out that the Peary Channel (a supposed body of water that bisects Greenland) does not exist. Now you might be wondering what that means for the protagonists. Although Iversen cannot understand the implications of the discovery, he is happy since Mikkelsen is happy. American explorer Robert Peary thought there was a narrow river body in the northeastern region of Greenland, which he named after himself. Danish explorers found fjords (glacial lakes) in place of what Peary thought was a river.

Let us now go back very far in the history of Greenland. Greenland was a fishing colony over which Denmark and Norway exercised joint sovereignty. In 1814 Norway’s status in the alliance became fragile and Greenland officially became a Danish territory. Due to the American expedition, the Danes thought they might lose part of Greenland if Peary Channel dissected the land. Fortunately, Mylius-Erichsen rules out the possibility of a river near the Peary Canal, and Denmark retains all of Greenland. Although the peninsula, Peary Land, Greenland commemorates the famous American explorer.

Now back to the movie. After the discovery, Mikkelsen and Iversen return to base camp. However, the return journey is much more daunting, fraught with unpredictable pitfalls. After an encounter with a polar bear, the duo lose the remaining dogs. Mikkelsen destroys the remaining sled to make a fire, continuing on foot. However, at some point, even Mikkelsen considers giving up. He makes a cairn similar to the one made by Mylius-Erichsen, placing the letter and the card on it. However, despite the momentary pessimism, they find the urge to fight back, returning to base.

The gravity of the story intensifies further when they discover that the other crew members have left the scene. However, the others left Mikkelsen and Iversen a year’s worth of supplies and a cottage built from the remains of the ship Alabama. Now Mikkelsen has enough hope to return for the document he left in the cairn. With few supplies and no sled, they succeed in the next mission. At the end of the story, the government of Denmark rewards Mikkelsen and Iversen for their discovery.

Is Naja dead or alive? Do Mikkelsen and Naja end up together?

Iversen pulls out a photo he got from the ship at the start of the story. The image is of the women, the relatives that the crew members left to join the expedition. Iversen made up imaginary names for some of the women in the photo, but when he hands the image to Mikkelsen to do the same, Mikkelsen points to a woman standing in the shadows. Her face is almost invisible and he names her Naja. However, over the course of the story, we learn that Naja has a palpable presence in Mikkelsen’s life.

Mikkelsen later sees Naja during his second stay at the cabin. Naja seemingly steps down from an air balloon and starts hanging out with Mikkelsen and Iversen. Later still, Mikkelsen even suspects Iversen of having an affair with Naja. Yet he later realizes that reality and fantasy have mixed in his mind due to extreme cold and malnutrition. At this point, you might be wondering if Naja is dead or alive.

However, as they return to civilization and prepare to receive their rewards, Mikkelsen sees a woman standing backstage. Mikkelsen asks Iversen if Iversen can see the woman as well since he has had rants about her in the past. Although Mikkelsen insists that he has to travel light in his job, we realize that he also has a loved one at home. Ultimately, a title card suggests that Naja and Mikkelsen got married after her near-death experience. So they end up together.

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