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Do Elliot and Helen end up together in The Tourist?

Do Elliot and Helen end up together in The Tourist?

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HBO Max’s thriller series “The Tourist” revolves around the attempts of Elliot Stanley, an amnesiac who completely loses his memory due to a car overturn, to discover his identity. As Elliot battles unknown enemies and difficult situations, trainee agent Helen Chambers joins him on his expedition to unravel the mystery surrounding him. Elliot and Helen bond with each other and their acquaintance becomes more than just a friendship. However, Lena Pascal’s arrival in Burnt Ridge and her revelations surprise Helen, who is faced with a heartbreaking choice regarding Elliot. If you’re wondering if they’re starting a life together, let us help! FRONT SPOILERS.

Do Elliot and Helen end up together?

When Elliot wakes up in a Cooper Springs hospital, Helen visits him to get information about him. Although she returns from the hospital knowing nothing about Elliot, the visit sets the stage for their eventual affair. Helen thinks Elliot needs her help and she even jeopardizes her relationship with Ethan to check on Elliot. Even after meeting a heartbreaking murderous maniac in Billy, Helen ultimately decides to stay with Elliot rather than leave him helpless. The compassion and understanding that Helen offers him gradually becomes the foundation of their company.

Regardless of Elliot’s vicious behavior towards her, Helen insists there is a good person in him. Even when he leaves her in the middle of the backcountry, Helen’s belief that Elliot is a good man deep down does not waver. Proving her belief was right, Elliot comes back for her. The comfort and dignity Helen feels in sharing her time with Elliot makes her realize how incompatible and terrible her fiancé is. She breaks off her engagement with Ethan and joins Elliot when he is in distress. Finally, they acknowledge their feelings for each other when Elliot is in prison.

Lena’s arrival at Burnt Ridge changes the equations between Elliot and Helen. When she learns of Lena’s revelation regarding Elliot’s past, Helen confronts him and makes it clear to him that she cannot accept what he has done in her past. A helpless Elliot watches Helen walk away from him and his feelings. However, Elliot and Helen’s romantic saga does not end in painful goodbyes. After leaving the hospital, Helen reflects on her decision to leave Elliot with Freddie. Realizing the problems Helen is having, Freddie asks her to reconsider.

As Freddie points out, Helen realizes that Elliot deserves a second chance at life and her even though he was a terrible human being in the past. As she always believed, Helen thinks about how good Elliot is and realizes that the crimes he has committed in the past do not define him as a person. Helen remembers how Elliot saved her from death and guided her through a complicated relationship with Ethan. She let her feelings for Elliot improve after Lena’s revelations and sends him a burrito emoji, which symbolizes happiness for the latter.

Helen’s message to Elliot shows that the policeman is ready to forgive the latter and give their potential relationship a chance. However, Elliot only receives Ellen’s message after swallowing a handful of death pills. Since Elliot isn’t dead yet, Helen’s message may motivate him to seek help and return to life, most likely to begin his journey with Helen as his partner. As his “one friend in the whole world” returns to his life, Elliot cannot just die. If Elliot survives death, his romantic relationship with Helen might turn out to be a real possibility.

If Elliot dies, at least he’ll die with the happiness that comes from Helen’s burrito emoji. Either way, we can expect the show’s eventual second season to respond if Elliot and Helen finally end up together. In light of Helen’s emoji and Elliot’s rekindled feelings for her, we can expect the latter to recover from his suicide attempt and bond with Helen for an attractive life to come together.

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