Gusto Song Lyrics

Gusto Song Lyrics

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Gusto by Yaway Martian

[Chorus: Yaway Martian]
I’m with two chain in this b**ch an extra eye tall as CB no tears why 4 I’m looking harder then gusto, the sun is gas trunk I’m gas gusto gusto gusto
[Verse 1]
Beautiful spirit must shine lime light soul splitter it travels on the dark path to heal a wounded heart extracted from the most high the center stars without the energy bills karma loop b**ch I’m about my money kamikaze dodging tunder strucking there’s no justice you can find me under riri umbrella, zeus calling for hercules god of the sky I’m lighting hunting on the beast mode be smart you can’t live without a dream I’m gusto christ rock it not a rocket science yours plus mine equals we won I’m guihome, front don, forte til I meet hov let’s torch we’re made to raise soldiers reality is a fact the eyes explains tale the mind can’t tell it like cut without the blood the hustle without the pain then your aim well revail your range
[Verse 2]
One luck ain’t mine if you want to be a star build a camp on the moon, they said the sky is the limit and I am gazzed up so I boosted my ego paid hee to the modern day prophet I heard my queen in my head how many people you knew they can take this far ambitious is a key it a lift off Sweet a halo can fly with that d note I seen it in my cold days then portrait a boss serving bum for that swiss cheeze an angel can fall would you switched kick if you saw mike on air I’ll swing this pair read between the line no sock I can make creeple take flight on the board game is you king secure if your queen holds a knife with the mind of brutus snatch ceasar light and murder brutus if you want to f**k cornelia on rome you can be the pope without ceacing the thrones
[Verse 3]
I seen em collecting his coins on that yellow brick road but a golden mind can find a diamond on the dirt walked on his path the only way to mark my foot print on this street lesson do pay dark spot a seed can grown to mod expected dead but we survive and rising for the crown hov pave the way blueprint of god can for tell tommorow but the future it painted today have no fear destine is a pattern waiting for handout you never had it from the start, we shine like the outta space light put the world on cicle let haters go mental clap when you see me war is a child’s play I’ll be hunting for the chief keys and the chain and lady luck handles the rest tell that b**ch I came I saw so conquering it a must

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