Have My Money Song Lyrics

Have My Money Song Lyrics

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Have My Money by Yaway Martian

[Verse 1]
Money money money me weather boron playing in Shake we won’t stop till the lid off tip on, dome on point, fiend on phylum your honor I bow knee pad on that red rug the agenda state Segna gift wrapped for suborn proffer, you know who Voldemort that shall not screech honorific name In vain your zealous will meet my flame genus or specie me I sting like I bee switching light by the speed of a bullet catch one If you dare don’t act like you forgot I call the shot shot shot b**ch I’m about my money even when I sneeze I still gets my green up Bruce Banner I’m the incredible
[Verse 2]
My bars send stars under me mutate but the money it really worthless I’m p**sing you off on purpose I’m the futurama and I will bender your rules it the alphabetical slaughter I play both way like the devil advocate
My anaconda don’t like made believe it a pill you do the potion I be obelix in asterix structure we been about that plate while they was playing princess tea party imitating my move without initiation like an action figure we rally in gangs in elementary til we tote robust serving rocks to our stone age he said stay in school now his addiction is multiplying my math the only godfather I know are mobsters and crooks drug dealer cheek I wonder if thug prayer reach
[Verse 3]
I chose believer I baptism I’m rejecting your faith you can’t never conquer my life we beheaded your forerunner all praise to the most high everything happen for a reason let’s feast heavenly sent can now shine in hell til we reach the pearly gate
Miracle wipe in field I made loot out of the fine air magic creation we twist benjii I turst in this lane til I’ll rest we turn being to specimen never mind my step if you are tracking my thought your be a collector’s work reaper on site I’ll body your pride put you on permanent stay we double the take snatching honey

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