If The Shoe Fits Song Lyrics

If The Shoe Fits Song Lyrics

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If The Shoe Fits by Kid Tini

Aye, peep the red dot on ya chest
Why you talking like you got on a vest
See I ain’t tryna contest but you cats gassed and you trespassing
Forcing my hand to regulate All ya stepsmaking bold statements, too hot to be your replacement
You jogging running in place while plotting the ways to fade you
Das right God gotchu, I got ya spot marked too…
I blocked ya shot, got through ya squad and dunked, mike hoopsstudy the raps Lil niggas fail to pass the mic
Far away from home, left the bragging rights
And now we in ya city it’s Tini, yol put on a show for insta but your bigger picture’s filter looking black and white
Smizzy told me get it and I’m on it fam
He know niggas is bout as a real as a hologram
Claim they showing love for a co-sign
When they really lickin ass for an autograph
Let Em know that I’m nothing you wanna f**k with
I come from a place where bluffing will put a thug in a coffin
It’s nothing, talk is cheap, I go off when you push the button
I love it, you talking beef as I’m tryna quiet the stomachma nigga come Rhyme wimme, ride wimme Tini beyond illy
Xandsithi qgi qgi fihla abo 560
I’ll get it, if she thick, hit up ya guy yithi
Xandsithi, click, click, get up and slyz widdit
Blessed with a pot to p**s in
God bless who decide to listen
Cuz when I’m jotting written it’s hunger meets competitionand when it’s time to spit Em I’m iller than all contenders
Hope you got the message
What I gotta do to prove that my intentions pure
Product of the pain that iv endured
Why the f*** I gotta prove it’s all me
Got this music sh*t on while you niggas off key
And that’s it, the last chick coulda’ got tapped quick
Really I was finna bag her till I saw she plastic
Well, I guess that’s just how it goes
We read between the lines, get the message and out we go
Fiending for the lights and some action it probly shows
I spit the naked truth on my records and body shows
Yol should know!
Looking back at some vital sh*t that my brother told me
We was in the streets but I swear it hit home
Said I wanna see you make it Cuz you one of our own
And for as long as I’m alive just know you never alone
That’s when I learned to breath under cold water
In a place where some food for thought is tall order
We’d all rap just to pass time and avoid boredom
If we’d cross paths I’d barrier like we crossed boarders
Slicing my foes, enticing to those who bit the punchlines and the flows
Shout out my squad in the east like ice and the woes
Either reciting the verse or recycling ma flows
Who the greatest, tell who complaining
Shordy pop it for me, don’t even know who her name is
Verse so complex tell em to screw da basic
Young pac but spit big tell I’m finally famous
How you gon hate the freshest nigga on ya playlist
Ya place in the game is vacant, you play this n try to fake it
Far from the usual
Hot with but the coolest tho
Ahead of my time you niggas drop how I used to flow
On top, buddy you should knowact up and you’ll lose ya hoe
Ride for my ride or die, my drive Is on cruise control
I know you think you heard it all
You might need to play it back, you ain’t heard it all
I could give a fvck what your nigga told you
You might need to show that nigga who you really are
Cuz most these niggas pussy, they ain’t got the balls
But the youngin is a problem shout ma nigga solve
If the shoe fits I toe tag ta favorite rapper
I’m a maniac, I’m da boi ya man’s said ya lady after
Now tell me why you gassed please
Only way you finna blow is of the gas leak
Looking for me you can find me where da cash be
That’s a penny for your thoughts I don’t rap free’s
Oh you gotta fund it oh you got oh you gotta love it
I ain’t stutter cousin I’m the hottest youngin
You just an average Joe, and I’m more like budden
Read the manual back to back and I got it covered
Start with a finisher ma signature sh*t
See ma missions to diminish ya sh*t
I’m finna finish this quick
Why you sound miniature the minute ya spit
Hardly religious but you couldn’t cross ma biblical scripts

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