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Is Sean Bean’s Mr. Wilford Leaving Snowpiercer?

Is Sean Bean’s Mr. Wilford Leaving Snowpiercer?

The third season of TNT’s post-apocalyptic series “Snowpiercer” begins with Wilford’s attempts to establish himself as the sole authority on Snowpiercer. His tyrannical measures come to an end when the pirate train is reconnected to the Snowpiercer, setting the stage for Layton’s re-emergence as leader of the remnants of humanity and Wilford’s imprisonment. In the fourth episode of season 3, Wilford encounters an unexpected visitor to the prison, who attacks the vicious engineer. With Wilford’s life hanging by a thread, fans of the show are wondering if Sean Bean’s incredible performance on the show is coming to an end. Let’s find out!

What happened to Mr. Wilford?

When Layton and others leave the Snowpiercer to find Melanie using a pirate train, Wilford takes advantage of Layton’s absence to be the Snowpiercer’s tyrant. He does his best to prevent Layton’s return and partially succeeds in scaring him off using a cannon. However, Layton enters the Snowpiercer using Miss Audrey as a distraction and takes charge of the train. He also imprisons the engineer to avoid any interference from Wilford’s side in the future as he is determined to get to New Eden, the hotspot in Africa.

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Boarding the Snowpiercer, Bess releases her former boss and chef Brakeman Roche from her drawer. Ever since Wilford destroyed his family by putting them in drawers, he swears revenge on Wilford. In the fourth episode of season 3, he uses his uniform to enter the prison and injects Wilford with a substance to kill the engineer. As Wilford struggles to stay alive, Layton arrives at the jail and saves him. Although Wilford is not dead, he remains in critical condition, facing death a short distance away. As this turn of events opens a door to Wilford’s death, fans are concerned for the character and the actor’s future on the show. So, is Sean Bean quitting the thriller? Let’s share the answer!

Sean Bean quitting Snowpiercer?

For Mr. Wilford, death is not a new enemy. When Melanie left him in the freeze, he fought death using the Big Alice. When Melanie killed him in the minds of the survivors, he revived by entering the Snowpiercer after connecting the Big Alice to the former. Against all odds, Wilford still survived. But Roche’s unexpected attack leaves Wilford on the brink of death. Even though Layton manages to arrange for the required medical treatment, Wilford remains in critical condition, in the presence of death. Thus, the admirers of the series cannot be blamed for worrying about the fate of the central character.

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However, there are no official statements or announcements from TNT or Sean Bean regarding Wilford’s rumored departure. Wilford’s critical condition may be a cliffhanger designed to enhance the drama of the series. The plot also allows the show to reintroduce Roche into the main narrative. Wilford’s condition may also help Layton continue his mission without any interference for some time. Given Wilford’s expertise as an engineer, Layton may need him alive as he drives the train to the most unfavorable region. The Engineer’s existence is also imperative to the storyline of Alex, who begins to rekindle his complex relationship with his mentor.

In future episodes, we can expect Wilford’s recovery under Mrs. Headwood’s watch. Layton’s leadership, hanging by a thread of lies, could face challenges, paving the way for Wilford’s possible return to the motor car. Given the significance of the character and the aforementioned possibilities, we think Sean Bean will likely continue to star in “Snowpiercer.”

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