Man Will Surive Song Lyrics


Man Will Surive Song Lyrics

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Man Will Surive by The Mighty Sparrow

Verse 1
From the beginning of time, reaching out to the sublime in a cold and
Hostile world
We have struggled to exist in this earthly wilderness seeking an elusive
Many times it seems like we are fighting a hopeless cause implying
Extinction is our lot, because we were constantly ravaged by scurges and
Wars we fight we quarrel we complain but in the ending (of?) believe it or
We will survive – no matter what the odds, Man will survive – inspired by
Our Gods. It’s a hard road we travel but to triumph we shall. we go toil we
Go struggle cause at the end of it all (hum melody) whether you big or
Small Peter helping Paul til the master call we fight for survival…
Verse 2:
In pursuit of happiness searching for a material place we have sought
Increasingly, giving off our very best in this never ending quest we have
Toiled unceasingly, disappointed by our friends and betrayed by conjugal
Mates, surrounded by crime of every sort. The cruel cycle never ends and
For us it’s a test of faith – emphasised by condemnation, penalized with
Retribution but…
Chorus 2:
We will survive – don’t care what people say – Man will survive to see yet
A brighter day. It’s a mountain we’re climbing some will rise some will
Fall, there’ll be slipping and sliding cause at the back of it all (hum
Melody) metaphysical, deep and spiritual til the Master call we fight for
Verse 3:
Modern day societies, melting poor communities there are several rules and
Laws. Where the power becomes subservient to the rich and affluent or they
Show their fangs and claws. Divided by creed and race it aint easy to be
Free, No one knows for sure if we really can, ever find an equal place and
Live as one family, sometimes it’s hard to find solution but nothing
Conquers the will of Man.
Chorus 3:
We will survive – though times may be rough – man will survive we know how
To be tough
So let nothing divide we all for one, one for all feel the power and glory
Cause at the back of it all (hum melody) though we whine and bawl breaking
Down dancehall – til the master call we fight for survival
Verse 4:
Coming through the dark ages, looked upon as savages haunted by
Unrighteousness, traumatized by ignorance, time and place and circumstance
– we had to face all kinds of prejudice, subjected to slavery bound by
Economic chains – quick to hold but slow to develop – daunted by redundancy
Plagued by emotional pains, still for all we just wouldn’t stop – why
Surrender or give it up? Now
Chorus 4:
We will survive – as we have throughout the years- man will survive through
Pain, sorrow and tears, to ensure our existence – to walk proud to stand
Tall – yet to humble in His presence cause at the back of it all (hum
Melody) no mistake at all unity is essential til the master call we fight
For survival.

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