Possible Lyrics | Mike WiLL Made-It


Possible Lyrics | Mike WiLL Made-It

[Hook – Yung Joey:]

Drippin’ in diamonds, covered in gold

I flooded my AP, I’m outta control

I’m still in the gutter, dippin’ them Os

Workin’ them euros, I’m out of control

When you’re gettin’ dinero, more things are possible

Anything possible, anything possible

When you hustle like I do, all things are possible

Anything possible, anything possible

[Verse 1 – Yung Joey:]

I come from the ghetto, I just wanna be rich

Now the money is comin’, ain’t that a bitch

My crib like perfection, baby show me them tits

If money could talk, these niggas ain’t sayin’ shit

Ain’t afraid of the Popo, pussy nigga I’m lit

I take care of my family, you spend cake on a bitch

You gon’ get her the Louis bag, I’m a give her this dick

She gon’ come back for more, call that money well spent

I started from zero, took that to a hunda

Brought that to a thou wow

Now play with them stacks now

Catch me in traffic, but that could be tragic

Got a couple new shooters, get you laid in a casket


[Verse 2 – Dej Loaf:]

You’re my type for sure, I’m tryna see what shorty ’bout

Thugged out, pants sag with a.40 cal

I was in Vogue, they wrote me an article

I want that cover, anything’s possible

How is it possible you on my dick

I don’t even got one, man this shit is sick

My grandma confused me like fuck as a kid

I had no idea she was more like a pimp

Bitch I get money, my niggas not starvin’, my niggas not stavtin’

My niggas not starvin’, I’m drinkin’ my Hennessy listenin’ to Marvin


[Verse 3 – Yung Joey:]

Overcomin’ the obstacles, these niggas popsicles

Ridin’ dick like a prostitute, for that cake I’m in high pursuit

Word to my mommy, I stay with that Lami

Dare you to play, I’m not with the flexin’, I’m down for that homi’

I got a lady, she got a lady

But if you fuck my lady, then you gotta pay me

These bitches, they love the kid, and you know that

Don’t play them games I used to, I’m like a throwback

You treat the special, Bobby Womak

Me? Fuck no, can’t picture that with a Kodak

On the run like Jay Z, I got me a Beyoncé

Just to sit with me courtside, watch the Knicks at the Barclays



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