Promise Lyrics Laufey Meaning

Promise Lyrics Laufey Meaning

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Promise Lyrics Laufey Meaning: “Promise” by Laufey is an emotional track about the struggles of distance, longing, and the challenges of keeping a promise. The lyrics delicately express the sorrowful emotions of wanting to be something to a loved one but fearing being nothing to them.

Verses 1 and 2

In the beginning of the song, Laufey confesses to a promise she made about distancing herself from someone, possibly a past lover. The reference to a flight and aurora skies symbolizes a significant physical and emotional distance. The regret of not saying goodbye implies a lingering connection between them.

Laufey describes the pain of the relationship’s dynamic. It hurts to mean something to the person because of the accompanying vulnerability and potential for emotional harm. However, the alternative, being ‘nothing’ to them, is described as being worse, indicating the depth of her feelings.

Verses 3 and 4

The lyrics further delve into Laufey’s struggle as she tries to resist contacting the person. She humorously likens her restraint to a smoker resisting a cigarette. Eventually, she admits her failure to resist, showing her vulnerability and the strength of her emotions.


Laufey examines the relationship logically, concluding that it’s doomed. Despite this realization, she struggles to let go, expressing the complexity and difficulty of emotional detachment.

Verse 5

Finally, Laufey breaks her promise after encountering a boy who reminds her of the person she’s trying to forget. This encounter triggers her longing, causing her to reach out. It illustrates how external reminders can bring back intense emotions, making it difficult to maintain distance.


The recurring chorus serves as a poignant reminder of the emotional conflict central to the song. It emphasizes Laufey’s struggle between her desire to mean something to her love interest and the pain that accompanies such a connection.

In conclusion, “Promise” by Laufey is a heartfelt exploration of emotional struggles in a complex relationship. It elegantly depicts the internal turmoil of longing versus the need for emotional self-preservation.

Promise Lyrics Laufey

I made a promise
To distance myself
Took a flight, through aurora skies
Honestly, I didn’t think about
How we didn’t say goodbye
Just see you very soon

It hurts to be something
It’s worse to be nothing with you

So I didn’t call you
For 16 long days
And I should get, a cigarette
For so much restraint
No matter how long I resist temptation
I will always lose

It hurts to be something
It’s worse to be nothing with you

I’ve done the math
There’s no solution
We’ll never last
Why can’t I let go of this?

So I broke my promise
I called you last night
I shouldn’t have, I wouldn’t have
If it weren’t for the sight of a boy
Who looked just like you
Standing out on Melrose Avenue

It hurts to be something
It’s worse to be nothing with you

It hurts to be something
It’s worse to be nothing with you

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