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Samia – Sea Lions Lyrics

Samia – Sea Lions Lyrics

Screaming, “Porn kills love”

Outside your window with the Adventists

I know it’s wrong

Can’t remember how I got like this

You said when I come on the radio

It makes you wanna die

Well, if I shut up

Can I come inside?

I don’t wanna talk

I don’t really wanna work it out

We’re too far gone

I just wanna see your house

You’re looking at me like I’m the stranger here

I’m as strange as I’m standing in your mirror

I’ll remember it June, 7PM

Getting pasta, watch your screensaver

Sea lions swim

Wear my hat that you hate

To the party and laugh at the movie posters

We’ll never be like those lucky poseurs

Why’s your phone going to voicemail?

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