Shine (Diamonded Up) Song Lyrics


Shine (Diamonded Up) Song Lyrics

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Shine (Diamonded Up) by Sonny Court

Verse 1:
From the head to the toe
You’re beautiful
You’ve got me losing control
I don’t even have a reason
To ever cheat on you
And you know those other girls are the same to me
But you and I we were meant to be
Now go and take those clothes off
And put your pretty dress on
Do your hair and make up
Promise you won’t be long
Your body’s enough
To wanna turn you on, turn you on
Pre – Chorus:
Tonight it’s going down, down, down
Let’s hit the mall and shop downtown
Cause tonight is the perfect time
To give back for all
You’ve given to me
I wanna to see you shine (oh-oh-oh Diamonded up)
It’s all about your smile (oh-oh-oh Diamonded up)
All about your eyes (oh-oh-oh Diamonded up)
It’s about who you are (I wanna see you shine)
Verse 2:
Yeah I know what you want girl
So here give this a try
And I apologize forever
If I made you cry
And if this diamond is not enough for you
I’ll buy one more bigger and make it blue
I love your color
You’re like a flower
I want to see you bloom
Smell your scent of sweet perfume
You’re my shining light and my reason why
Without you by my side it’s a lonely ride

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