Time Lyrics | Musiq Soulchild

Time Lyrics | Musiq Soulchild

[Verse 1]

I’d like to take a minute to apologize

For not taking advantage of you

Through all the years you’ve passed me by

Honestly I really wanted to be mad at you, yes

For so many hours waiting, yeah

I finally know what it means to be patient

And everything has its place, yeah

And reason and I’ve learned that


Time waits for nothing

And everything is gonna take its time for it to happen

Time waits for nothing

And everything is gonna take its time

Time waits for nothing and no one

Cause everything has its time

[Verse 2]

I used to think that if I tried

Then maybe I could change the things that

I regretted in my past life

But through all the lessons that you taught me

I have learned my experiences enhanced my character, yes

Now as I look back with what I know now

I can say that I wouldn’t change a thing

Cause I love who I became, yeah

And when it’s all said and done

I can only live for today

Cause I’ve learned that



I used to find it hard to believe

And almost impossible to conceive, yeah

Everything I do revolves around you

And knowing that, its kind crazy to me

Now if I had a dollar for every moment

That I spent watching my days go by

Doing, doing, doing nothing

I probably never be penniless or hopeless.

[Verse 3]

So for a while now, I’ve kept in mind

Cause what they say is true

That you are of the essence

Down to the very last second

And I’m so glad that I’ve grown to

Respect you

[Chorus 4x]

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