Valet (Interlude) Lyrics | Jeezy


Valet (Interlude) Lyrics | Jeezy

[*Elevator opens, foot steps, car pulls up*]

Come on right down, case you niggas wanna beef

Suggest in the air you niggas might just want to brief

This is new motivation cause I know you niggas need, this is [?] like the Clippers at the St. Regis

Black card down, presidential suite

Black truck out front, like my presidential feet

Presidential rollie, presidential wrist

Go order room service, this some presidential shit, Let’s go!

First I count a hundred, then I hit the mall

Bitch I’m on my shit, yeah I might just buy a star

She said you say the pussy good, how come you never call

Said bitch that ain’t my focus yet, I’m tryna live or fall

I’m not chasin’ love baby, I’m just chasin’ paper

And if I hit a lick I might just take it to Jamaica

And you can bring your friends, she bet not be a faker

If she ain’t talkin’ bout fuckin’, we gon mufuckin’ shake

That in the fam money, that pay the bail money

That see me in the street, it ain’t hard to tell money

Yeah it’s real street though, we a higher ego

That St. Regis bail hollow for the week though

Too many whips sittin’ in the valet

Throw me my keys, and have a nice day

You ain’t said shit, how bout have a nice night

And anything I want, I’ma buy the shit twice



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