What are the steps to send automatic newsletters using an RSS feed in AWeber?


What are the steps to send automatic newsletters using an RSS feed in AWeber?

Sending automatic newsletters using an RSS feed in AWeber is a great way to keep your subscribers updated with your latest content without manual intervention. Here’s a general guide on how to set this up:

  1. Prepare Your RSS Feed: Ensure that you have an active RSS feed that contains the content you want to include in your newsletter. This feed could be from your blog, podcast, or any other source you want to share with your subscribers.
  2. Log into Your AWeber Account: If you haven’t already, log in to your AWeber account.
  3. Create a New Campaign: In your AWeber dashboard, click on the “Messages & Broadcasts” tab, then select “Campaigns.” Click on the “+ Create a Campaign” button to start a new campaign.
  4. Select “Blog Broadcast” Type: Choose the “Blog Broadcast” campaign type. This type of campaign automatically sends out emails based on your RSS feed updates.
  5. Configure RSS Feed Settings: You’ll need to provide the details of your RSS feed:Enter your RSS feed URL.Choose how often you want the emails to be sent (e.g., daily, weekly).Set the time of day you want the emails to be sent.Select the number of posts you want to include in each email.
  6. Design Your Email Template: Customize the email template that will be used to display your RSS feed content. AWeber provides a drag-and-drop email builder that you can use to design your email.
  7. Set Up Automation Rules: AWeber allows you to set up rules for your campaign. For instance, you can decide whether to only send emails when there’s new content in the feed, or you can set a limit to the number of emails sent per day.
  8. Preview and Test: Before activating your campaign, make sure to preview and test the emails to ensure they are displaying the content as you want. Check how images, links, and other elements appear.
  9. Activate Your Campaign: Once you’re satisfied with the setup and testing, activate your campaign. This will start sending out emails automatically based on your RSS feed updates.
  10. Monitor and Optimize: After your campaign is live, keep an eye on its performance. Monitor open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics to ensure your subscribers are engaging with the content. You can make adjustments to your campaign settings if needed.


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