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Where are Michael Seawright, Peter and Paul Leach now? Update

Where are Michael Seawright, Peter and Paul Leach now? Update

Investigation Discovery’s “Betrayed: Blood in the Water” chronicles the brutal murder of Catherine Stroup, who was found shot dead in her home in Hawthorne, California. For months, family members have wondered why anyone would want to harm the successful 45-year-old businesswoman as authorities do their best to determine whether her successful business life led to her disappearance. . The ensuing investigation revealed a sinister secret that shocked the local community, and the show chronicles how a crime of greed tore a happily ever after family apart. If this murder tickles your fancy and you want to know the current whereabouts of the perpetrators, we’ve got you covered.

How did Catherine Stroup die?

Catherine Stroup was a 45-year-old businesswoman who helped run the S and S Water Company, a desert water company that she and her husband James Stroup co-owned. Catherine resided in her apartment in Hawthorne, California, and had a good reputation in society. Although the show mentioned that Catherine did not have a good relationship with her husband, she was doing well on her own and we miss her terribly to this day.

When investigators arrived at Catherine’s apartment on Avenue Rosecrans on April 5, 1983, they found her shot in cold blood. There were no signs of tampering, and nothing seemed stolen, hinting at a possible inside job. An autopsy later determined that the victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds, which in turn caused his death. Unfortunately, there weren’t many leads uncovered at the scene of the murder, but the show did mention that neighbors heard a loud quarrel from the apartment just before the gunshots.

Who Killed Catherine Stroup?

The show mentioned how James Stroup did not have a good reputation and was known to be addicted to alcohol. He also often gave in to infidelity, which led to numerous altercations with his wife. Interestingly, it was James who discovered Catherine’s body and immediately fled to a neighbor to call the police. However, judging by the altercation heard earlier and James’ prior behavior, he became the main person of interest and was even arrested for the murder. Fortunately, further investigation cleared his name and, according to the show, James was acquitted of all charges.

Although the investigation then seemed doomed without any leads, the police soon had a stroke of luck. According to the show, officers arrested a man for an unrelated assault and found a firearm on him that matched casings perfectly at the murder site. The man claimed he got the gun from Peter and Paul Leach, who had worked for the S and S Water Company. The police wasted no time in rounding up the Leach brothers, and soon they confessed to their role in the crime. However, the brothers mentioned that they were hired to carry out the hit by another family member who wanted Catherine dead.

Authorities then discovered that Catherine’s son-in-law, Michael Seawright, who oversaw the day-to-day operations of the water company, was actually trying to siphon off money from the organization. They even found out that Catherine had an idea of ​​Michael’s actions and confronted him about it. Deducing that this was a motive for murder, the cops concluded that Michael must have hired the Leach brothers to kill his stepmother. Thus, the three perpetrators of the heinous murder were eventually arrested and charged for their involvement.

Where are Michael Seawright, Peter and Paul Leach now?

Peter Leach was arraigned and convicted of first degree murder, which earned him a life sentence without parole in 1988. Paul Leach signed a plea deal the same year and agreed to testify against Michael Seawright, which earned him 16 years to life. imprisoned immediately. Although Michael Seawright’s first trial resulted in a hung jury, he was ultimately convicted of first degree murder in 1993 and, in 1994, was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

At present, Paul Leach appears to be incarcerated at the RJ Donovan Correctional Center in San Diego County, while Peter’s prison records do not reveal his location. Nonetheless, with Peter serving a life sentence without parole, we can assume he’s still behind bars in a California prison. On the other hand, Michael Seawright spends his days behind bars at Valley State Prison in Chowchilla, California.

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