You are currently viewing Where are Stacey Pinkerton, Helen Gumpel and Barbara Bowman today? Update

Where are Stacey Pinkerton, Helen Gumpel and Barbara Bowman today? Update

Where are Stacey Pinkerton, Helen Gumpel and Barbara Bowman today? Update

Showtime’s “We Need to Talk About Cosby” is an exploration of Bill Cosby’s rise to become “America’s Dad” and his downfall since then due to sexual assault allegations. The third episode charts the comedian’s rise in the 1980s while juxtaposing it with the alleged incidents of sexual assault. Stacey Pinkerton, Helen Gumpel and Barbara Bowman are just three of the many women who have told their stories over the past few years. So if you’re wondering what happened, here’s what we know!

Who are Stacey Pinkerton, Helen Gumpel and Barbara Bowman?

Stacey Pinkerton was in her twenties working as a flight attendant for American Airlines when she first met Cosby. The aspiring model was pleasantly surprised when he offered to help her with her career. But according to Stacey, Cosby raped her in Chicago, Illinois in 1986. But after the incident, many told her not to go public with the story and she relented. another, across the Pacific Ocean, then the Atlantic, settling in Europe. No place was far enough from Mr. Cosby.

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Eventually, several other women who shared their experiences gave Stacey the courage to go public with her story. Another woman who accused Cosby of misbehaving was Helen Gumpel, a model. In 1987, she was featured on an episode of “The Cosby Show”. After filming was done, Helen was invited to visit the set and she assumed it was another audition. However, Helen was taken to Cosby’s dressing room. She claimed he offered her a drink and stood with his crotch in her face.

Helen said: ‘I never thought of myself as a victim because I refused his advances. But my career fell victim to it. As for Barbara, an aspiring actress in the 1980s, the story she told resembled what happened to Lili Bernard and Lise-Lotte Lublin. According to Barbara, Cosby invited her to his home in New York to talk about her career and give her advice. Then a teenage girl, Barbara, recalled passing out after a glass of wine and waking up wearing only a t-shirt and panties, later realizing she had been raped.

At the time, Barbara tried to rationalize the incident and convinced herself that it was something she had imagined. In another incident in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Barbara said Cosby pinned her to a hotel bed as she tried to pull him off her. Eventually, Cosby let her go, angrily calling her “a baby”. Barbara opened up about how her story was dismissed, but that didn’t change the fact that she chose to talk about it even decades after it happened.

Where are Stacey Pinkerton, Helen Gumpel and Barbara Bowman now?

While Cosby was found guilty of indecent sexual assault, his conviction was overturned in 2021. In the aftermath, Stacey said, “We thought we had some justice, but that seems to have worn off for now. . But we will keep fighting and keep talking. Today she lives in Spain and works as a radio host. As for Helen, a 2015 report mentioned that she was living with her husband in Connecticut.

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Despite Helen’s initial disappointment when the conviction was overturned, she said: “He’s one of the most powerful men in the nation, in the world, and a group of women came together – and we didn’t. “We didn’t even ask for anything, we just wanted some kind of justice – and we got two. And he’s not known as ‘America’s Dad’ anymore. That’s pretty good.” Finally, Barbara is a largely self-taught artist who runs her own studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. A 2014 report said she was married with two children.

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