Where are they today? Cast Update

Where are they today? Cast Update

Netflix’s “Swap Shop” is a reality series that follows a group of business-minded individuals as they tune into the titular radio show to buy, sell, or trade different types of valuables. After all, it not only lands them great deals – whether on cars, antiques, comics, furniture, or morbid products – it also paves the way for profitable future sales. Let’s be honest, though, this compelling production wouldn’t have been so unmanageable without its eccentric cast members. So now let’s take a look at what they’re up to these days, shall we?

Jen and Doug

Despite their specialization in sought-after trinkets and scary ones, Jennifer “Jen” and Douglas “Doug” Seals have somehow worked wonders in terms of trading. This, combined with their respect for customers, is why their Pickers Paradise antique store in North Broad Street, Tazewell, Tennessee is still thriving. When it comes to their personal lives, it might seem odd that the couple got married just six months after they first met in the mid-2010s, but the truth is they can make it work because even their differences complement each other.

JD and Bobby

Jason “JD” Deel and Bobby Idles seem like complete opposites, but while that may be true in terms of estates as well as caps, close friends are family men through and through. As well as running The BobMart on South Main Street at Rocky Top, he is a proud partner, father and grandfather who has often hinted that it’s not just his passion for “junk” that keeps him going, but also his offspring.

On the other hand, even the former is much more than the CEO of JD’s Realty & Auction and a retired Army infantry major residing in Clinton – he’s a real estate broker, speaker, host of the “Knoxville Business” podcast. Show” and a father. JD actually co-owns his auction business with his wife Natalie, whom he met while serving in the military, and now shares two beautiful children with; Maleah and Jacob.

Dale and Scott

Although they’re well-known reality TV stars, Dale Kyker and Scott Jones seem to prefer keeping their personal lives out of the spotlight. It’s especially odd for the latter since he’s even featured in a few seasons of the History Channel’s “Counting Cars,” but we guess it’s just more comfortable for him that way. That said, we do know the duo still work together at Kyker’s Extreme Automotive in Tusculum Boulevard, Greeneville, and they both have families of their own. In fact, Dale has been married to his wife Lisa for over 31 years and they co-own the business.

Sammie and Mark

Sammie Isaac Jr. and Mark Isaac are brothers and co-owners of Sammie’s Auction House near Gray, Kentucky – a business that has been in their family since their grandfather started it in 1946. Even they seem to keep a healthy distance from the in the limelight, but what is evident is the younger brother’s (Mark) passion for fishing, seen below, and the elder’s joy at being husband and father. Additionally, we also know that Sammie graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in radio and television technology before joining the institution in 2004, and now he is the official auctioneer.

Tori and Larry

While Victoria “Tori” Cooley is still the brilliant owner of West Main Antiques and Vintage in Johnson City, Tennessee, there’s no denying that having Larry Thacker by her side helps her. This is partly because she is a loving partner, a mother of two adorable boys – Charlie and Jack – as well as a full-time working woman whose drive and passion for all things vintage never really wanes. .

Coming to Larry, he may be interested in the morbid side of things and call himself a “vintage slinger”, but the truth is he’s doing well in the industry. Additionally, the married man is an Army veteran with degrees in fiction and poetry, which has also led him to hold the titles of freelance writer, artist, and educator. A few of his works include “Drifting in Awe”, “Gateless Menagerie”, and “Everyday Monsters”.

Leo and Danny

Leo and Danny, along with their third partner John, continue to co-own Versus ATL, but it looks like they no longer have one but two locations to run in Atlanta, Georgia. In other words, they’ve grown a lot since their debut, both personally and professionally, especially considering that it seems like Leo and Danny have stable families of their own right now.

Their dream has always been to bring the ’90s, and all the clothing associated with it, back into the game, so it warms our hearts to say that it looks like they’re slowly achieving that goal. After all, there’s a reason they’ve been able to expand, and Leo’s Instagram further indicates that the response to their new store has exceeded expectations as well.

JP and Leona

JP Mathes II (from Elizabethton, Tennessee) and Leona, better known as Fiddling Leona (from Tokyo, Japan), are collectors, musicians, podcasters, reality stars and entrepreneurs. In other words, they still buy good quality American-made items to resell in Japan at a big profit, while also serving as a singer-songwriter duo who play banjo and violin respectively.

The couple even sell Tokyo-style street food in their local Tennessee area through their John Paul USA food truck, talk all things music, food, collectibles and culture on the podcast. The JP Pod,” and Feona also hosts the “FiddlingLeona Around the World Podcast. It must be added that since JP is also a producer, there is no other way to describe the duo than as pure artists.

Richard and Garin

Richard Davis continues to own and operate Nirvana Comics in Knoxville, Tennessee, with Garin Dickerson at his side as store manager, but it’s imperative to note that they’re pursuing other projects as well. While the former is an author, having penned the “Cult of Dracula” horror comic series, the latter is the host of “The Printed Panel” podcast.

That’s not to say their dedication to the comic book store has diminished in any way; it’s just that they take their love for the art form to another level. We can say this with certainty, because while Richard writes, Garin’s podcast discusses the culture of these books in general.

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