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Where is the surviving policeman today? Update

Where is the surviving policeman today? Update

As the title suggests, CBS’s “48 Hours: Katrina Brownlee: The Good Cop” dives deep into the story of an ambitious woman who changed her life after being shot ten times by a man with a badge. It starts from a horribly dark place, but as Katrina admitted in the episode, it gradually becomes “a story of grace, a story of love, and a story of hope” that ultimately inspires countless others. So now, if you want to know more about his ordeal and its baffling aftermath, as well as the details of his unwavering strength as well as his professional endeavors, we’ve got you covered.

What happened to Katrina Brownlee?

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Katrina Cooke Brownlee was well aware of the horrors that could be part of the city, but she never quite imagined that she would experience them herself. More importantly, she didn’t think she would face them at the hands of the man she fell in love with when she was 18 – Alex Irvin, a corrections officer from Rikers Island. Katrina was a single mother of one when she first met Alex in 1988, and their ensuing relationship seemed perfectly ordinary, that is, until he started abusing her afterwards. the birth of their daughter.

Whether it was hitting her over the head with a chair or raping her, Alex has done it over the years, but no one helped Katrina even when she called to report the domestic violence (several times). She claims the bruises and injuries to her being were still evident, but officials backed down as soon as her partner waved his own badge, almost as if their inner support was more important than his life. The pregnant mum was therefore 22 when she finally worked up the courage to leave her then fiancé and her two daughters for good, unaware that it would truly break him.

After moving into a local motel, on January 9, 1993, Katrina visited the Long Island home they had once shared to collect some belongings, but Alex was waiting for her. Shortly after she stepped inside, he used his service revolver to shoot her ten times in an hour and a half, going so far as to reload his gun in the middle and chase her as she was crawling for her life. . Fortunately, an unexpected visit from a family friend stopped things going any further, meaning she was immediately rushed to hospital for much needed professional help.

Where is Katrina Brownlee now?

Since Katrina Brownlee was shot in the stomach, buttocks, back and practically everywhere, she underwent several surgeries in the days that followed. Unfortunately, not only did the doctors have to leave six bullets permanently lodged inside her to avoid causing further damage, but she also lost her five-month-old fetus, a boy. The young mother also spent a month in a coma, and the fear was that, paralyzed from the waist down, she would never walk again. However, Katrina beat all odds to miraculously recover through years of physical and emotional therapy.

That said, because she had no family in town to take them in, Katrina and her daughters spent time in homeless shelters as she struggled to get back on her own, clean and figured. That’s when she does a few odd jobs before deciding to join the force, thinking that since the service has let her down, she wants to make things better for others — she wants to be a “good cop.” “You have integrity, you have morals, you have empathy, you have sympathy, you have respect,” she said. “You treat people the way you want to be treated, the way you want your family to be treated. That’s what a good cop is.

Katrina joined the NYPD academy in 2001 and worked in several departments until her retirement as a freshman detective in 2021, including community affairs, mayoral security details, and investigations. She also created the Young Ladies of our Future program to help at-risk teenage girls during this time and became a life coach/mentor. So now, in her early 50s, the Brooklyn resident is finally sharing her story to empower and educate people across the country. We should also mention that Katrina credits God for guiding her out of dark times.

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