You are currently viewing Who was Anndrena Belcher? How did Anndrena Belcher die?

Who was Anndrena Belcher? How did Anndrena Belcher die?

Who was Anndrena Belcher? How did Anndrena Belcher die?

Long before the now notable buy/sell/trade groups on social media platforms even existed, a radio show devoted to the same idea was on the air in East Tennessee. He basically gave listeners the inside scoop on some fantastic deals on a variety of amazing items, which could be saved, restored, and then kept or resold for a profit.

This over-the-air production continues to thrive, which is why Netflix even created a reality TV series of the same name – “Swap Shop” – to explore all aspects of it. However, let’s be honest, the mention of Anndrena Belcher in Season 2 was what caught our attention the most, so now let’s find out everything there is to know about her, shall we?

Who was Anndrena Belcher?

Born in Pike County, Kentucky in 1951, Anndrena Belcher was a storyteller, singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress who always made sure her tales were as interactive as they were engaging. After all, every time Appalachia has performed her original writing, she’s brought every facet of her roots to light.

Anndrena had migrated with her family to uptown Chicago from her home state when she was quite young, meaning that’s where she learned what “hillbilly” meant. But little by little, between the holidays spent with her grandparents and the hustle and bustle of the busy city, she discovers who she really is as a true mountain child.

Image Credit: Kentucky Educational Television

It was always the old folk stories and songs that had guided Anndrena whenever she felt uneasy. it is therefore not surprising that she chose to focus her education, alongside her career, on her origins as well. After a year at Berea College in Kentucky, she returned to enroll at Northeastern Illinois University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English before pursuing a master’s degree in social science. Her major, however, was Appalachian Studies and Rural Immigration, which led her to better understand her background as well as her career aspirations.

In 1976 Anndrena returned to the mountains, where she began her journey as an artist and managed to achieve incredible success through her honesty, passion and determination. In fact, she reached the point where she could not only perform for live audiences, but also lead workshops at schools, libraries, festivals, and countless other public events across the country. From Kentucky to Virginia and Illinois to Tennessee, Anndrena has showcased her signature interactive elegance everywhere, establishing that nothing is wrong in her studios/art.

How did Anndrena Belcher die?

Anndrena Belcher continued to develop her craft until the end, which means the veteran but still enthusiastic storyteller broke stereotypes and directly helped others feel proud of themselves through 2020. after what we can tell, no cause of death having been made public, it is possible that she, in her late sixties, died of natural causes in the early fall of that year. While she may be gone, the impact she had on her community as an outspoken, bubbly star will likely never be the same – that’s part of why she’s been called a ‘treasure. National” by Chicago Studs writer Terkel.

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